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Momoko Akatsutsumi / Blossom

not a hero - a survivor

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Momoko has been hit by meteoroids, turned into a kid, flown to the moon, met molemen, been attacked by talking food, kissed a singing frog, travelled through time, sealed a demon, fought a comic book version of herself, and helped her best friend start dating a werewolf-like monster.

And then she was accepted to Fandom High.


I'm a peppy and slightly-hyper red-head, of average height and build. My eye colour is red. I like cute clothes, cute boys, anime and manga, and desserts. I am not so good at sports and get average grades, but I know almost everything about the superhero tv shows in my world - my favourites involve cute male action stars, sentai (power rangers) in particular.

Hmmm... what else? I am addicted to sweets and back home I am the oldest of two - my little sister is cute, but a bit of a pest. My dream is to find the perfect boyfriend and get married someday.

I also transform into Blossom, a superheroine who fights evil.

Why did I come to America to go to school? In Miracle Fighting Ace episode 46, Emri left the team to go to America and came back as the Gamma Grace Ace with super new abilities!

Well, okay REALLY it's because I was always leaving class to save the day because of my being a Powerpuff Girl and many sudden bouts of monster attacks, which meant I didn't do so good on my High School entrance exams. Luckily, the Tokyo City mayor's assistant is a friend and she recommended I apply to Fandom High.

No one told us it was completely overrun with evil Vampires!

Or that once you get here, you can never leave again. At least not as a human.

So, in short? I arrived at Fandom High, a happy hyper teenage fangirl from an AU Japan with modern technology but which is mostly very peaceful and cute and happy. That was short lived. When I arrived, I wasn't a hardcore warrior/fighter, and still really I'm not more than a defender and a scout, but when I transformed into Blossom, I considered herself a 'heroine of Justice.' Now, Justice is far from what I'm defending. Now we're just trying to keep each other alive and to find a way to stop the school from bringing in new people.

Interests (10):

cake, dusting vampires, flying, going home, keeping others alive, not dreaming, seeing the sun, stakes, staying alive, transforming back into momoko
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